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Psychic & Intuitive Coaching

Bringing the WooWoo to Life

I offer a personalized service tailored to your unique needs, whether through in-person meetings, Zoom, or over the phone.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching my clients blossom and grow, transforming into new versions of themselves. It’s like a silent awakening to something so beautiful it’s hard to describe.

Do you ever feel the desire to expand your life in ways you’re unsure about, like opening your sixth sense or learning about the Law of Attraction?

Understanding and harnessing the power of your energy can be truly transformative. My role is to guide and support you in finding your own solutions, empowering you to discover peace, intuition, energy, connection.

I’ll help you bring balance back into your personal and professional life. With my support and encouragement, you’ll feel inspired to take your own actions.


If you’re interested, I can also introduce you to the benefits of meditation and help you connect with your Higher Self and Guides. Together, we’ll develop your psychic abilities.

I promise to focus entirely on you, offering support, a non-judgmental space, and encouragement.


I’ll help you explore new ways of thinking and feeling, prompting you with ideas while ensuring that every decision is ultimately yours. My aim is to help you connect with your higher vibration so you can hear the whispers of your soul.

Our innate Spiritual Intelligence is a guiding energy within us, often seen as our Higher Self or connection to Source and Light Beings. This energy leads us to effortless accomplishment. To tap into it, we must let go of conditioning and beliefs, allowing this energy to align us with our highest good.


The results can be truly amazing, as I’ve experienced personally.

Think of energy like the wind: you can feel it even if you can’t see it. Inner energy is magnetic, radiating outwards. Being awake and aware heightens your sense of what’s happening around you.

It takes courage to walk a different path, choosing authenticity over approval. When that approval comes from within, you are truly free.

My own spiritual journey has been life-changing, and I love helping others start their journeys too.

I feel privileged to witness life-changing moments in my clients. These beautiful events make my work incredibly rewarding, and I’m honored to be a conduit for the Universal spiritual realms, making each experience powerful and special.

Upcoming Events

Journey With Spirit - Weekend Retreat
Journey With Spirit - Weekend Retreat
30 Jan 2025, 15:00 – 02 Feb 2025, 11:00
Hope Spiritual Centre,
14 Gynn Avenue Blackpool FY1 2LD
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My Story

Experience the Power of

Psychic Healing

As a natural medium, I am blessed with the ability to connect with the spirit world and guide my clients on their spiritual journeys.

My focus is on unlocking self-awareness and healing through love, offering a range of services including psychic readings, life coaching, corporate coaching, team building, and psychic development through workshops and retreats.

From a young age, I have felt a deep connection to the spirit world, or more accurately, to the universe we are all part of. As Lady Gaga would say, I was born this way. I've always felt a bit different, more comfortable on the periphery of social situations, observing behavior and sensing the energy around me.

When I provide readings for my amazing clients, I deliver messages in a relaxed, often humorous way to put you at ease and enhance the experience.


For many years, I have connected with the Spirit World to bring messages of love and hope from your loved ones. My passion is to provide meaningful evidence and special moments with your guides and loved ones, helping you move forward in life knowing their spirit is with you.

I also help you on your spiritual journey, starting with what holds you back or the patterns you repeat hoping for different outcomes. We all have the ability to connect with spirit, and I assist in healing and discovering your spiritual path to a greater consciousness. Together, we can find your unique pathway to higher self-awareness, allowing you to connect with your own universal current and access the power of love.


Join me in unlocking the mysteries of the universe and discovering a new level of self-awareness.


Please note it is a legal requirement in the UK to state that Demonstrations of Mediumship are for entertainment purposes only.

Client Testimonials

"I have greatly enjoyed working with Ben to sort through my thoughts and trust and understand what my gut has been telling me. Often the answers are all in there it's just a matter of coaxing them out.  More so than traditional therapy I think the “spiritual suggestion” of guiding someone to the personal work they need to do to evolve their thinking has been enlightening.
I enjoyed working on my own abilities and know that it's a process that is hard to go alone. There is no need to - and Ben is lovely company to sort it out with and not feel alone.
Thank you!"

Ann, USA

I was lucky enough to be at Ben's first Healing with Spirit day. Without giving too much away there were laughs and tears! Ben was an amazing facilitator, he was so caring and supportive. I cant wait for his next event.

Leah, Essex

"I’m so happy I found Ben, he gave me exactly what I needed at the right time. He provided me with reassurance and guidance on my spiritual path, and his gentle guided meditations made me feel open and connected, yet still in control. He was also able to tell me some messages from my mum, who passed away recently, which helped me a lot. I’m very much looking forward to working with him again!"

Penny UK

I attended my first ever Healing with Spirit workshop this month.  Ben was so welcoming when I arrived and created a comfortable safe space where I felt relaxed and reassured throughout the whole day.  Ben was aware that I was in need of healing from the moment I walked through the door and tailored some of our group session to do some work on me.  It was an unreal experience.  I left feeling so much lighter and as though Ben and the others in the group had enabled me to start letting some things go.  The whole day was fun, engaging and enlightening.  I can't wait for the next workshop.  I cannot recommend Ben highly enough.  Absolutely wonderful person, great intentions and naturally gifted.  Thank you x

Laura, Essex

“When I started working with Ben, I had no idea what to expect. Clearly I was struggling with stuff and felt stuck on a few things in life and was looking for an out of the box way to get out of it, since traditional methods weren’t working.


Ben wasn’t able to explain what he would do, and I was hesitant at first. However, I decided to try it and within a couple sessions I was able to see exactly how Ben’s method (or lack of it) works! Working with him has given me a lot of peace, validated (and invalidated) many of my assumptions and plans, and has been able to add an element of confidence in decisions that I’m making now. He is able to accurately read my state of mind and respond clearly with what it is I’m struggling with and how I could respond to it. He is always clear that eventually it’s my choice what I do with his information, but rarely is that information hard to work with. When I describe to others what I experience with Ben, it seems too good to be true or too fantastical, but yet when it’s happening to you, it feels natural and obvious. Many of my friends have started working with him too with similar results. I’d highly recommend it if you’re struggling with big decisions coming up, or generally feel stuck in life."

Kamal, USA

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